Of all the sensory stimuli that come to us during a day the brain filters out tactile stimuli the most. In other words, we don’t always feel what we are touching. our brains have evolved this way so you don’t constantly have to be aware of your butts touching the chair, or every movement your hair makes, and your brain can focus on its intellectual tasks.

But we took this evolution further, by adopting this strategy and implementing it in our lives. We are told not to touch each other, or to touch art, but to focus on intellectual approaches to your surroundings.

Rosa Maria van den Hove’s work reverses this: her objects are appealing to our senses, whether they remind us of genitals or the soft toys of our childhood, and demand to be touched “first”, leaving us with complicated emotions of intimacy, enjoyment, awkwardness and possibly embarrassment, which we then intellectually process.

Rosa Maria van den Hove was born in Amsterdam in 1990. She studied at the Rietveld Academy, the Academy of Arts in Amsterdam and Fine-Art at the Academy of Arts in Utrecht.

In her work, she explores materials, textures, colors, and form. She laboriously plays with their sculptural qualities. Tactile communication and play are important elements in her practice.

Her work mostly consists of sculptures within an installation that can be touched and experienced in a tactile way. Giving her audience a childlike comfort and intriguing their senses of perception with these new and versatile surfaces.




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